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A Petite Girl’s Guide to Boyfriend Jeans


Being 5’2″ is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, I can still get away with the kids menu sometimes, but boy is shopping for pants a headache. Very few stores carry short enough jeans, and I have had so much trouble in the past adapting the latest trends to work with my tiny legs. Flared jeans.. nope… Boot cut… nope… culottes.. absolutely not.

When I first heard of the boyfriend jean trend a few years ago I instantly wrote it off too. My first thought was, “Oh my gosh, I would swim in boyfriend jeans..” I envied the tall, thin, models in the magazines and on the runway working the trend, and wished I had their physique.

Then one day when I was out shopping I decided to take a risk and try on a pair. They looked so loose and comfy…I caved and snatched up my size to slip on.

looking down2

When I first looked in the mirror with the boyfriend style on I initially was doubtful, i’m not going to lie… but then I played around with them a bit by adding a belt, cuffing the bottoms, and throwing on a pair of heels and instantly saw a difference.



When I style my boyfriend jeans now I typically pair the looser pants with a tighter or more structured shirt (like the one in this photo). I like to belt the jeans to sit a little higher on my waist, and usually roll the bottoms 2-3 times to get them to sit right above my ankles. A half-tucked shirt shows off my belt and waistline a little, but still keeps with that laid-back style of the oversized jeans.


This shopping discovery of mine goes to show that you should never be afraid to experiment with different fashion trends, no matter what your height or size is. Every girl can rock the same trends, it’s just all about your confidence and creativity.

Taking on Tie Dye

tie back edit tie close edit tie light edit down tie edit

This look was all about being bold. Tie dye makes a statement on its own, so usually I tend to tone down what I pair with those pieces. This time, I decided to do something a little different and create a look that was vibrant and dynamic.

I paired my dramatic high-low top with a pair of bright red jeans. The color combo is dramatic, so other aspects in my ensemble needed to be subtle and somewhat neutral. I layered a sleeveless chambray top under my tank and added gold accessories for a funky twist. Finished off the look with my converse kicks and I was ready to hit the NYC streets.

A Rooftop Party with Armed & Readi

    diagonal roof far side roof roof close vert Earring

Armed & Readi… and the BIG EVENT.

This colorful ensemble was inspired by two Armed & Readi jewelry pieces. The colorful necklace and sparkly earring set featured in this post inspired me to create a look that was spunky, feminine and fun. I pattern-mixed the bright floral top with loose printed harem pants for an artistic twist.

I was first introduced to Armed & Readi by one of my best friends, Mary Kate. She explained the brand to me and the concept seemed right up my alley – a brand that focuses in on fun, glamorous and affordable statement jewelry. If you follow my blog, you know by now that statement necklaces are my go-to, so you can only imagine my love for everything this company offers.

For all my fashionistas out there, listen up! Armed & Readi offers Instagram sales  as a way to bring beautiful statement jewelry to all of their wonderful followers. With a simple comment on the picture of the piece you like, the item is all yours. This coming Monday (7/28), from 12pm-2pm eastern,  Armed & Readi will feature “A Rooftop Party” which Mary Kate, at Trend Takeover , and I have created to showcase a plethora of awesome, colorful, pieces.

Pieces in our collection can instantly turn a simple outfit into a statement. Statement pieces are the key to any college girl’s wardrobe; they are perfect for mixing and matching and can easily be carried over from day to night.

Lucky for all of you readers, Mary Kate and I were able to share a sneak peek of our favorite pieces before the actual sale on Monday. Like what you see here? All of these jewelry pieces (and more) will be featured exclusively on Armed & Readi’s Instagram during the sale. Don’t forget to follow the brand, @armedandreadi, before Monday and follow the sale feed from 12pm-2pm (eastern) that day!

     Roof close side   necklace1 insta

Eclectic Clash

close side edit diagonal edit looking edit wall edit side edit copy 2 shoes

I’m lucky enough to work in one of the coolest, most inspiring, neighborhoods in NYC, Soho. On my walk to work everyday I pass this amazing graffiti wall on Crosby Street. What makes graffiti unique and beautiful is the clash in styles and colors, all layered over one another. For this outfit, I had the same inspiration.

To make an ensemble that was edgy, eclectic, intriguing and glamorous, I basically just combined all of my favorite fashion aspects into one look. I chose a graphic tee, a button down shirt, my favorite high waisted skirt, a statement necklace, and my new go-to kicks.

It’s a little out there, but hey, what fun is fashion if you always play by the rules?