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Dress Bright and Feel Bold

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For a long time growing up I always played it safe with my wardrobe. I would put together creative, bright, kind of “out there” outfits, but then I never had the confidence to wear them out. I was scared of standing out in the crowd and always decided on the safe route.

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Now, as I’ve gotten a little older and wiser, I’ve learned that standing out is actually a really amazing thing. Dressing bright and dressing bold and dressing a little “out there”can turn into confidence. I love putting together a super bright and colorful outfit, like this one, because it instantly puts me in a cheery mood. How can I not have a good day, and a confident day, when i’m wearing a cobalt blue dress and a plaid primary-colored scarf. This outfit is powerful, and instantly makes me feel like I can take on anything that is thrown my way.


Interning at Kate Spade this summer has taught me so much, but one of the most amazing things that it has taught me is that living colorfully, being confident, and having fun can truly become a lifestyle. Life doesn’t have to be serious, and neither does your wardrobe! Reflect who you are, and your confidence, through your wardrobe.

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Clad in Plaid

After a few months of a very busy schedule at school, and absolutely dreadful midwest weather, I have finally found time on a nice day to shoot an outfit post. For this outfit, I broke out a new pair of red plaid pants. These are a statement piece for sure, but what fun is life without a little risk in your fashion wardrobe, right?

When choosing what pieces to pair with my plaid pants, I was looking for more toned down items. I chose a black cropped sweater with a smaller knit pattern to complement the larger print on my pants.

For accessories, I chose gold pieces and a simple bag. I wore my timberland-esque wedge booties with the outfit for a contrast.

What I’m Wearing:

Sweater: black cropped – Urban Outfitters

Pants: red plaid – Forever 21

Booties: carmel and gold – Target

Bag: grey and gold – TJ Maxx

Bracelet: gold chain – Forever 21

Earrings: black and gold – Francesca’s