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Tasting in Tuscany

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This past weekend I had a day dedicated to tasting Tuscany. I visited two vineyards, one in Montalcino and the other in San Gimignano. The views were breathtaking and the wine was perfect. It was amazing to tour the facilities, see the grapevines growing along the hills, and learn how some of the best wine in Italy is fermented.

The first vineyard was Altesino located in Montalcino. This vineyard was in the heart of Tuscany along beautiful rolling hills and sunflowers. Here, I tasted three different wines, one being their famous Brunello. It was wonderful to sip Italian wine with some of my closest friends, while gazing out at the beautiful view.

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After Altesino, I headed to the San Gimignano area for lunch and another tasting at Tenuta Torciano. This family-run facility incorporates a lunch into their wine tasting itinerary and the food was divine. Throughout the lunch I received about 7 different wines to taste. The guide taught how to pair different wines with certain foods, and gave tips on how to truly taste all aspects incorporated into each wine.  Each course of lunch was amazing, but nothing could top the grandmother’s homemade lasagna with truffle oil drizzled on top. It was one of the best dishes I have ever tasted!

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To finish off my perfect day, I visited the town of San Gimignano, also known as the Manhattan of Italy. This town is nestled atop hills and is known for its tall historic towers. I walked through the small town, soaked in the amazing views, and tasted the world’s best gelato.

Cheers to a perfect day under the Tuscan sun!