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The Amalfi Coast

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I had a lovely time visiting the Amalfi Coast. The sites were absolutely breathtaking, the beaches were gorgeous, and the weather was amazing. For my weekend trip to the Amalfi Coast of Italy I focused to visit the island of Capri, Positano, Sorrento, and Pompeii. Because these locations are very beach focused, I was worried about making the trip in October, but the temperature remained in the 80s for the entire duration of my stay. I even got a nice bronze glow after my visit!

I spent my first full day in the Amalfi Coast visiting the island of Capri. I stayed in Sorrento for the weekend, so to arrive in Capri I took ferry transportation. When I arrived in Capri my group took a private boat tour of the island, where we got to see the perimeter of the gorgeous area full of rocky cliffs and grottos. Unfortunately we were unable to enter the Blu Grotto since the sea level was too high, but if you’re planning on making the trip to Capri put that on your list of things to do!

After the boat tour, I walked a slightly steep hike up to Anacapri. Anacapri is an area of the island located on a higher elevation. Here, there are some amazing views of the island, some great restaurants to grab lunch, and some awesome shopping. While touring Capri, you will notice a lot of sandal shops. The shop pictured above located in Anacapri will make you custom designed sandals to your foot on the spot {how neat right?} Not to mention that the man that makes them is adorable!

To finish up my day in Capri, I took a chairlift up 589 meters above sea level to see the best view of the Island. The chairlift was slow and relaxing, and the view at the top was one of a kind.

I had an amazing day in Capri, I was a little bummed that I didn’t run into George Clooney there, but maybe next time!


After my ferry ride back to Sorrento I caught this beautiful sunset along the docks.

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On day 2 of my trip I spent the day in Positano. Positano is only about a 30 minute drive from Sorrento, and it is a beautiful, cliff hugging, coastal drive the entire ride. Upon our arrival, we made the hike down to the beach through the town. The entire walk had some gorgeous sites, but I held out on my pictures until the very bottom… I knew that location would take the cake. The coast was green and vibrant, and was filled with colorful houses and shops sitting on the cliffs.

The beaches were full of small pebbles and black sand, and the water was as clear and blue as you could imagine. I spent my entire day relaxing on the shore and taking in some rays. I grabbed a panini for lunch and enjoyed walking around the shops for a while.

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For my last day in the Amalfi Coast I paid a visit to Pompeii. Pompeii was one of the coolest sites I have seen yet in Italy. The story behind the location is so interesting and it was amazing to see the architecture and other artifacts that lasted through time. I would suggest getting a guided tour of Pompeii if paying a visit to make sure that you see all of the important areas of the site.