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French Riviera

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My French Riviera adventure began in Nice, France. I enjoyed walking around the fruit and flower market and taking in all of the bright colors. They had so many options of fresh produce and the whole area smelled of sweet flowers. I toured around the city and enjoyed hearing all of the history behind the amazing landmarks of the area.

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While exploring the town of Nice for the day, I loved taking in the water-front scenery. The shore was beautiful; it had vibrant blue water and was covered with cream colored pebbles. After taking a walk along the shore, I explored the shopping more throughout the town and enjoyed walking through French boutiques and department stores.

I worked up an appetite from walking throughout the town and was set on finding a smaller French cafe that sold a croque madame. I learned about this sandwich while studying French throughout high school, and I was set on trying one while in France for the weekend. I found a small cafe hidden in the streets of Nice and ordered my dream meal. The grilled ham and cheese sandwich was cooked to perfection and the egg on top added that extra something.

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My second day visiting the French Riviera included a trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco and Eze for a tour of Perfumerie¬†Fragonard. Monaco is known as the wealthiest country in the world, and never in my life had I seen so many expensive cars in one place! The stores were expensive and lavish, and the architecture was amazing. While in Monte Carlo, I climbed up to the prince’s palace for an amazing view of all of Monte Carlo. Not only was the palace a fun place to observe, but the neighborhood surrounding the palace was colorful and charming. I already decided I want to move into that red apartment building! {a girl can dream right?}

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The tour of Parfumerie Fragonard was super interesting and I loved being able to learn how true French perfume is made. I enjoyed the stroll through the facilities and was glad we had the opportunity to sample the different perfumes at the end.

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After touring the parfumerie, my friends and I took a stroll through Eze and captured these amazing shots at the very top in the garden. France was everything I thought it would be and more.

Au revoir pour maintenant, France!