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Photo Diary of Croatia

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I visited Croatia for a long weekend, and during my stay I was able to see the areas of Split, Brac, and Krka National Park in Lozovac. Throughout my trip, I spent my nights in the heart of Split, a mere 1 minute walk from the water. Split is full of historic buildings and statues and i enjoyed walking around the town and being able to appreciate its beauty. Along the waterfront, there are many restaurant choices in which to dine outside and soak in the view of the sparkling clear blue water and the large yachts and ships parked near by.

10659171_10204766260179448_5240212216397812252_n 15246_10204766248899166_6727508956288686939_n 10665754_10204766252459255_8605829304485919697_n Just down the road from where I stayed there was Diocletian’s Palace. This is an ancient palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth Century. The palace is massive and consists of many open court areas, iron gates, cascading flowered vines, and numerous watchtowers. Today, many shops and some homes are found within the walls of the palace. I loved walking through the entirety of the structure and found the cellars down below the palace to be my favorite spot. The palace was so unique and romantic.

10600451_10204766233538782_7695285668672914096_n 10698480_10204766237658885_8862157643567020728_n 10612903_10204766232138747_7354870794123814534_n While staying in Split, I was able to take a ferry from the bay to the island of Brac. Here, I visited the area on the island known as Supetar. Supetar was quiet and charming; full of small restaurants along the waterfront, winding cobblestone paths, and beautiful stone beaches. The architecture in Supetar was rustic and charming, and the beaches were very calm and relaxing. The water along the beach was crystal clear and the bluest I had ever seen.

kayaking 10614277_10204766284500056_1374540261743405145_n water1

From Split I was able to take a short bus ride up out of the busier part of town to a wooded area along the Adriatic Sea. Here, I kayaked along the shore, cliff jumped, and snorkeled in the refreshing water. I wanted to be adventurous on this trip, and this outing was one of the funnest experiences I have had throughout my life.

{Photo Credit to Split Sea Kayaking for the three photos above}

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My final destination on my weekend trip was Krka National Park. This park is named after The Krka River, which it encloses, and is a beautiful spacious area, centering around the massive waterfall pictured above. I enjoyed the walk down to the waterfall along the wooden walkway, and that final view was breathtaking. If visiting, make sure to snap lots of pictures, and don’t be afraid to climb in the water!